2014-04-08 17:22:20 by OrignalTAG

Lately, I've been working on making a soundtrack for a game that I am currently working on. I posted some of the themes onto Newgrounds and then I got asked if I could make the themes in chiptune style. Well now I have learned how to get a chiptune sound. So I have decided to redo everything that I have made. I am going to take the themes that are on now (08/04/2014) and I am going to replace them with the new ones. I still want you guys to listen to the themes to get some feedback on them, so that's why I am going to continue posting my work. :3


2014-03-13 19:35:56 by OrignalTAG

I'm finally working on a project to make a Mega Man fan game with another guy. If only if we had a programmer. hmmmm...

My Name

2014-01-22 19:09:13 by OrignalTAG

I didn't realise that I spelt my god damn name wrong until now! Oh well, that's a story for some time. Okay so i'll stick with Orignal TAG. *grumble *grumble *grumble